RTV Silicones

ergo.® RTV silicones are permanently elastic adhesives and sealants specially designed for bonding and sealing glass and metal constructions, housings, gear parts and flanges. ergo.® RTV silicones do not release corrosive by-products such as acetic acid in the cross-linking reaction. They are mainly used in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, tool construction, electrical engineering, electronics and precision engineering.

ergo.® RTV silicones are characterized by their excellent resistance to weather conditions, temperature changes, mechanical stress and the influence of chemicals. For optimum adhesion, surfaces should be prepared by sanding, grinding or sandblasting. RTV silicones require atmospheric moisture to achieve full cure, which proceeds from the outside of the film to the inside and depends on the thickness of the layer and the bonding surface (size of the gap).


  • Permanently elastic bonds and seals
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals
  • Service temperature (depending on the product) ranges from –60°C to +300°C (for a short period +350°C)

ergo.® RTV silicones are also available in special 200 ml aerosol/pressure cans, designed for ease of use.


Surfaces, Gear Components, Gasket/Flange Sealing
  • Safe sealing without settling effects
  • Reliable protection against vibrations
  • Corrosion protection
  • Resistance against oils, gases and liquids
  • Fast and safe application
  • Disassembly possible

Application examples:

  • machinery, pumps
  • flange connections
  • pneumatics and hydraulics
  • applications exposed to thermal stress

RTV Silicone Product Overview

Thanks to their outstanding sealing properties, RTV silicone sealants from ergo.® are used in automotive engineering, tool construction, mechanical engineering, glass construction and precision engineering, among others. The permanently elastic adhesives and sealants are temperature-stable, resistant to many chemicals and mechanical loads, exhibit a high degree of temperature ageing and are UV resistance.

ergo.® RTV silicone sealants are real No MEKO (Methyl Ethyl Ketone oxime) products, because they contain no Butanone oxime.

ergo.® RTV silicone sealants in cartridges come with no hazard symbols, and the pressure can only shows a flamable hazard symbol due to the pressurized gas.


ergo.® 3110

ergo.® 3120

ergo.® 3140

Chemical base

Modified oxime silicone

Modified oxime silicone

Modified oxime silicone





Density [g/cm3]




Tensile Strength [N/mm2]

~ 2.2

~ 2

~ 1.0

Elongation at break [ASTM-D-412]


~ 500%

~ 400%

Hardness [Shore A]


~ 25

~ 15


Volume Shrinkage

< 3%

5 to 7%

5 to 7%

Final Strength at 23°C

approx. 2 mm/24 h

2 to 2 mm/24 h

2 to 2 mm/24 h

Application Range [°C]

-60°C to +260°C

-60°C to +315°C

-60°C to +260°C

Package Sizes [ml]

200ml pressure box, 310ml cartridge

200ml pressure box, 310ml cartridge

200ml pressure box, 310ml cartridge


Neutral, cross-linking, low-odor RTV silicone with high heat resistance and mechanical strength. Typically used for sealing and bonding heating and cooling sources in household appliances production, vehicle construction, electronics industry and for protecting components against mechanical influences (vibrations, impacts, water, chemicals).

Neutral crosslinking one-component RTV silicone, low-odor, non-corrosive. Very high heat resistance, mechanical strength, vibration resistance, weathering and chemicals resistance. Outstandingly suited for bonding and sealing heating and cooling sources and for protecting components against vibrations, shocks, water, chemicals.

Low odor, non-corrosive RTV silicone with high mechanical strength and heat resistance. Ensures optimal sealing and adherence to various materials. Suitable for insulating, sealing and covering heating and cooling sources, electric and electronic components, household appliances as well as parts for vehicle construction.



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