Hybrid Polymers

ergo.® hybrid polymer-based adhesives and sealants are the ideal solution for permanently elastic bonding and sealing. They combine the qualities of polyurethanes and silicones, i.e. high elasticity and UV resistance. They are eminently suited for bonding and sealing metals, ceramics, glass, wood, plastics and elastomers. Unlike silicones, they can be painted over.

ergo.® hybrid polymers are characterized by their resistance to weathering, UV rays, light and ageing. Several products can also withstand conditions associated with stove enameling (up to 200°C for 20 minutes). They are typically used in the automotive industry, furniture and kitchen construction, household appliances, mechanical engineering, window construction and climate control and ventilation technology. While in most cases, a primer is not necessary, it can strengthen the bond. MS polymers, once they are cured, retain a high degree of elasticity.

These products cure under the influence of atmospheric humidity. Thicker layers and larger areas increase the cure time, while moderately higher temperatures (up to 50°C) reduce the cure time.


  • Very wide range of applications
  • High elasticity also at low temperatures
  • Resistant to weathering and UV rays
  • Coating compatibility
  • High elongation at break


Permanently elastic bonding and sealing
  • high elasticity
  • very good weather and UV-resistance
  • resists heat and ageing
  • application temperature range: -40°C to +90°C
  • suitable for enamel and powder coating

Application examples:

  • steel construction
  • machine construction
  • vehicle construction
  • wagon construction
  • shipbuilding

Hybrid Polymer Product Overview


ergo.® 6200

ergo.® 6201

ergo.® 6205

ergo.® 6300

ergo.® 6305

Chemical base

Hybrid Polymer

Hybrid Polymer







Density [g/cm3]

~ 1.44

~ 1.41

Tensile Strength [N/mm2]

~ 3.0

~ 3.2

Elongation at break [ASTM-D-412]

~ 500%

~ 400%

Hardness [Shore A]

~ 42

~ 55


Skinning Time [23°C/50%RH]

~ 10 minutes

~ 5 minutes

Curing Progress [23°C/50%RH]

~ 3 mm (after 24 hrs)

Application Range [°C]

from -40 to +90

(short intervals up to +120)

from -40 to +90

45 minutes up to +180

30 minutes up to +200

Package Sizes [ml]

310ml cartridge


Fast curing, elastic single-component sealant and adhesive for bonding as well as sealing of seams and joints in car body-, wagon-, container and boatbuilding. Also suitable for mechanical engineering and applications in air-conditioners and ventilation technologies.


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