Acrylic Structural Adhesives

ergo® structural acrylic adhesives are two-component reactive adhesives that form fast-setting, high-strength bonds on glass, ceramics and metal and are used to join two substrates of the same material or different materials.

ergo® structural acrylic adhesives are designed for bonding components with different expansion coefficients that must withstand high thermal and dynamic stresses. Mechanical surface abrasion, such as sanding, grinding and sandblasting, improves the surface properties for bonding. Higher temperatures (up to about 50°C) increase the cure speed.

For so-called “no-mix” products, the resin and activator are applied separately and mix when the substrates are pressed together. Their excellent impact resistance make them suitable for bonding hinges to glass and rear view mirrors in automobiles, and for glass-on-glass applications, where aesthetic appearance is important. Adhesives come in practical double-chamber cartridges, ensuring efficient application and mixing.


  • Cure time at room temperature varies between 20 seconds and 30 minutes (depending on the product)
  • High initial strength after 1 to 15 minutes
  • Application is easily automated
  • High resistance to water, aliphatic solvents, oils, grease and diluted inorganic acids and alkalis


Glass / Metal Bonding
  • Good adherence to ferrites, metals and ceramics
  • Fast curing
  • High impact and peel resistance
  • Relatively slow processing possible


  • bonding hinges to glass showcase doors
  • sticking rear-view mirrors in vehicles
  • bonding coils
  • bonding electric engines
  • loudspeaker manufacturing

Acrylic Structural Adhesives Product Overview

ergo.® Acrylic structural adhesives for bonding glass, metal and ceramic boast high impact resistance and peel strength and are much more temperature-resistant than quick-drying epoxy resin adhesives. These are available both as 2K adhesives and NO-MIX adhesives, where the curing process only begins once the parts are joined.


ergo.® 1039 Adhesive

ergo.® 1090 Activator

ergo.® 1451 Adhesive

ergo.® 1093 Activator




Viscosity [mPas]

Gel, > 100'000

Gel, > 100'000

Max. Gap [mm]



Tensile Shear Strength [N/mm2]

> 15 (Aluminium/Aluminium)

> 18 (Steel/Steel)

> 35 (Glass -> Material failure)

Handling Strength [sec]

30 (with gap ≤ 0.1mm)

20 (with gap ≤ 0.1mm)

Final Strength [hrs]

4 (with gap ≤ 0.1mm) 12 (with gap > 0.1mm)



Application range [°C]

from -55 to +150

from -55 to +120

Package sizes [ml]

Adhesive 50 / 300

Activator 10 / 50

Adhesive 50

Activator 10 / 50


NO-MIX structural adhesive for bonding metals, ferrites and ceramics. Good impact strength and resistance against alternating thermal stress. Fast curing when using ergo.®1090 activator.

NO-MIX structural adhesive shows good shear- and impact strength. Especially well-suited for bonding glass, metal and combinations of materials. Very fast curing and core hardening using the ergo.® 1093 activator.

The product does not bridge gaps. Only for very flat parts.



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