Watch & Jewelry

The Watch and Jewelry industry is another segment that heavily depends on the use of a wide range of adhesives and releated accossories and application devices.

Many of the products and accessories that we are distributing are used in typical applications as listed below.


Very Fast Bonding
  • extremely fast curing
  • universal range of uses
  • high impact resistance, flexibility
  • heat-resistant
  • resistant against water, air humidity, many organic solvents
  • also for difficult to bond pairs of materials

Application examples:

  • bonding of difficult pairs of materials
  • bonding combinations made of metal and plastics
  • also suitable for porous, uneven surfaces
  • vertical and overhead bondings
  • repairs of all kinds


  • Prevent loosening from vibration
  • Replace mechanical fasteners

Application examples:

  • screw fastened housings
  • applications exposed to intense vibrations


Metal, Plastic and Ceramic Bonding
  • Insensitive to mixing errors/li>
  • Very strong adherence on various materials
  • Cures independently of material to be bonded


  • fashion jewelry, decoration
  • various applications in luxury items and packagings
  • all kinds of repairs


Adhesive Mising and Dispensing
  • Mixing of 2-component adhesives from cartridges
  • Mixing of 2-component adhesives from bulk containers
  • 1-component adhesive Dispensers - Manual / Pneumatic
  • 2-component adhesive Dispensers - Manual / Pneumatic