Furniture production uses a wide array of different materials and adhesive applications are endless in the manufacturing process.

Among the most common applications are:

Very Fast Bonding
  • Cure extremely quickly
  • Universal range of applications
  • High impact resistance and flexibility
  • Temperature resistant
  • Resistant to water, humidity and many organic solvents
  • Also suitable for difficult material pairs

Typical applications:

  • Bonding difficult material pairs
  • Metal-to-plastic bonding combinations
  • Also suitable for use on porous and uneven substrates
  • Bonding vertical surfaces and inverted substrates
  • All types of repairs


Permanently Elastic Bonding and Sealing
  • high elasticity
  • resists heat and ageing
  • application temperature range: -40°C to +90°C
  • suitable for enamel and powder coating

Application examples:

  • bathroom furniture
  • metal furniture
  • bonding of different material


Metal, Plastic and Ceramic Bonding
  • Insensitive to mixing errors
  • Very strong adherence on various materials
  • Cures independently of material to be bonded


  • bondings in household appliances, furniture, window and door manufacturing
  • all kinds of repairs


Glass - Metal Bonding
  • Good adherence to ferrites, metals and ceramics
  • Fast curing
  • High impact and peel resistance
  • Relatively slow processing possible


  • bonding hinges to glass showcase doors
  • glass metal furniture
  • bathroom fixtures


Adhesive Mixing and Dispensing
  • Mixing of 2-component adhesives from cartridges
  • Mixing of 2-component adhesives from bulk containers
  • 1-component adhesive Dispensers - Manual / Pneumatic
  • 2-component adhesive Dispensers - Manual / Pneumatic