Our adhesive product range as well as our adhesive mixing and dispensing products offers solutions for typical industrial applications, such as e.g. bonding housing, loudspeaker components and other parts in electrical and electronic products.

See below some of the most frequent applications.

General Bonding
  • Bond different materials
  • High temperature resistance
  • High strength
  • Suitable for thermal and dynamic stresses

Typical applications:

  • Electric motor construction
  • Loudspeaker production
  • Displays and signs
  • Inductive components (transformers, chokes and suppression chokes)
  • Coil production
  • Sensors


Magnet Bonding
  • Excellent gap-filling capability
  • High tolerance compensation
  • Easy and reliable application
  • High temperature resistance
  • Replace mechanical fasteners

Typical applications:

  • Coil production
  • Electromagnets
  • Inductive components
  • Sensors


Housing, Shafts and Gears Bonding
  • High force transmission
  • High temperature resistance
  • Even load transfer
  • Resistant to gases, oils and liquid media
  • Avoidance of peak stresses
  • Prevent relative micro-movements
  • Protect against fretting corrosion

Typical applications:

  • Electric gearboxes


  • Prevent loosening from vibration
  • High temperature resistance
  • Seal against gaseous and liquid media
  • Replace mechanical fasteners

Typical applications:

  • Housing screws
  • Electric motors
  • High-vibration applications


Potting Compounds
  • Protect components from vibration and contamination
  • Forms a strong bond even on contaminated surfaces
  • Very effective seal
  • Insulation against environmental conditions
  • Temperature resistance
  • Resistant to oils, gasses and liquid media

Typical applications:

  • Electrical components
  • Sensors
  • Cables and plugs


Adhesive Mixing and Dispensing
  • Mixing of 2-component adhesives from cartridges
  • Mixing of 2-component adhesives from bulk containers
  • 1-component adhesive Dispensers – Manual / Pneumatic
  • 2-component adhesive Dispensers – Manual / Pneumatic