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ergo Smart Turn
  ergo Products & Applications


General Information
ergo RTV Silicones are based on modified oxime silicones and do not release acetic acid during polymerization or separate ammoniac. Due to these characteristics the products are suitable for use in the electronic and electrical industries. The products have a wide application spectrum and offer high temperature and chemical resistance and are extremely durable.

These silicone adhesives are used as flexible adhesives and sealants in the electronic, automotive, tool and machine, precision mechanic and glass manufacturing industries.

Some typical applications with ergo RTV Silicones:

Sealing of headlights   Proofing of end covers & flanges   Sealing of oil pans

Sealing of underwater lights   ergo RTV Silicones are Oxime based and therefore corrosion free

General Information
ergo MS Polymers are a new generation of one-component adhesive + sealant products.
SMPs (silyl modified polyether) combine the positive performances of polyurethanes with positive performances of silicone into a single product. The combination of PUR and silicone chemistry offers sealants with considerably improved workability, properties and handling.

Compared to PUR, ergo MS Polymers have good UV resistance, are solvent free, PVC and isocyanate free and have a neutral odor. MS Polymers can be used on most surfaces without a primer. The formation of blisters, even if exposed quickly to water is prevented. Another advantage of this product group is that they can be painted over, which is not possible with silicone based products.

ergo MS Polymers are used wherever permanent elastic bonding and sealing is required and where dissimilar material join together. This is the case e.g. in steel, machine, vehicle, coach, ship and container construction.

Some typical applications with ergo MS Polymers:

Sealing of doors & windows Bonding of fašades

Permanent-elastic bonding and sealing on vehicles/vans Fastening of company logos to storefronts

General Remark
Product packaging is constantly improved and the above pictures might not show the latest version of the actual product.


ergo Smart Turn
  ergo Products & Applications


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